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Valentines Day in Kuala Lumpur… and we got a drone!

I know this post is a month late, but I still wanted to share how Emir and I spent Valentines day in Kuala Lumpur.

We started the day with breakfast on the 48th floor of Lanson Place

We worked all morning, and after we ordered sushi for lunch

We worked some more in a cool café called Wild Honey

We shared a delicious French toast

and met this beautiful girl working there. She invited us over to her house for Eid Mubarak in June <3

We passed by this sixties-vibe bar. After, we went home and changed

We got invited for dinner at the Westin Kuala Lumpur

First we had starters

After, we directly skipped to desserts :p

More dessert

And more dessert

On the way back we stumbled upon this Chinese passage

And we passed by this cool quote

Emir surprised me the day before – he had bought us a drone! Finally we got the DJI Mavic! We had been looking for it for months!

I felt so bad because we had to throw all the beautiful boxes (we don’t have enough space because we travel full-time with just a medium size suitcase and a backpack). I love beautiful boxes. Who else loves boxes?

Now we are ready to take it to the next level! Screenshot for impression

Another screenshot

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for much more drone shots!
Did you know we have a Youtube channel? Travel vlogs for the win! Click here for our channel ‘GLOBAL JUNGLE’




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