KOH LIPE SUNRISE BEACH drone shot Celine Elsa

Feeling like a Castaway in Koh Lipe




Following a month spent in Malaysia, it’s time to go back to Thailand.
Although I love coming back to Thailand; Malaysia has started growing on me, and Langkawi is an island I promised myself to revisit soon.
Only 60km away from Langkawi, Koh Lipe is the closest inhabited island.
While in Langkawi, many of the locals would ask us where we would go next. Upon hearing about Koh Lipe, almost all would respond saying that the island was “much different” and that we would love it.
So naturally, we were very much looking forward to our time in this tiny island.


We were able to purchase boat tickets to Koh Lipe at our hotel. The tickets also included a bus transfer to the harbor. We paid about 35 USD per person for the bus and ferry that would bring us to Koh Lipe.
Unfortunately for us, the hotel had forgotten to give us the receipt for the tickets, and because of the rush we were in, it had skipped our minds as well.
When we got to the harbor, the officials weren’t convinced we had purchased tickets. Luckily, the staff at our hotel made a call to explain the situation, and we were back on track to leave the island :).
We waited for about an hour at the harbor before boarding the boat. I remember the weather being extremely hot that day. The small harbor had a little cafe, where you could sit and have a sandwich along with a cold beverage.
Since we were going to cross the border, we had to go through customs as well. All in all, the process was very smooth, and in no time we were on our way to Koh Lipe.

port langkawi customs to koh lipe celine elsa

The Langkawi Port & Customs is easy to find and the security officers are very friendly


The boat ride was quite comfortable. Although it was packed with travelers, it was equipped with a well-functioning AC. Believe me, if you have taken boat rides in Southeast Asia, you will know what a blessing an AC unit can be in those situations 🙂
Emir and I spent most of the ride sitting on the deck though, enjoying the breathtaking views while our hair was having a field day!

boat ride langkawi to koh lipe celine elsa

Relaxing boat ride from Langkawi to Koh Lipe. I love sitting on the deck!


As we approached the Thai island, we realized it didn’t have a pier. Or in other words, it only had “an open water pier”.
The tide was also very low, and our boat could not get any nearer to the beach as the shore was filled with corals too.
To get to Pattaya beach, we switched to longtail boats and made our way to customs on the Thai side.
Once on the island, we waited for about half an hour for our passports to be processed. We also paid 100 baht per person to enter the island (‘cleaning fee’).

open water koh lipe boats celine elsa

The color of the water is absolutely mesmerizing

koh lipe long tail boat

The longtail boat that brought us to the island in order to preserve the coral


The island is quite small. There are no cars on the island, but only scooters and scooter taxis. None of the scooters can be rented though. Taxis on the other hand charge a flat 50 THB per ride to anywhere on the island. The island is pretty flat as well, which means, if you can handle the heat, you could walk to anywhere you would want to.
Since we had 3 large luggages along with backpacks and tech accessories we decided it would be best to take a SAMLOR (taxi).
Our driver (seen below), was a friendly gentleman that drove with a helmet on. Although this should be the way to go for all taxi drivers, very few of them actually put helmets on while driving on the islands!

samlor tuk tuk transportation koh lipe

Our friendly, helmet-wearing samlor driver. Can you imagine we fit with 3 people, 3 big suitcases and 3 backpacks on this thing?


As we made our way to Castaway Resort in Koh Lipe on Sunrise beach, I could sense we would truly enjoy ourselves.
As the name suggests it, it felt very much as if we were going to lodge in a natural, yet comfortable setting on a quiet and peaceful beach.
We were welcomed by Lala, a friendly staff member, that poured us some refreshing juice upon arrival.
We were asked to wait for a few minutes, while our room was being set up. But quite honestly, I could have easily waited for hours, lounging in the comfortable seat overlooking the beautiful crystal clear water.

koh lipe castaway resort yoga deck entrance celine elsa

Castaway’s meditation deck is conveniently located in front of the Andaman sea

sea and beach castaway resort koh lipe thailand celine elsa

This beautiful strip is right in front Castaway Resort, located on Sunrise beach

deck restaurant castaway resort koh lipe celine elsa

Beachfront restaurant and bar


After sipping our drinks, we were escorted to our bungalow hut. The 2-story bungalow, was literally on the beach, just a few steps away from the sea.
The first thing that caught my attention was the little porch it had. Each bungalow had 2 hammocks hanging for casual naps! That was by far the nicest addition to our accommodation.
The first floor was basically comprised of the bathroom and some extra space to put your luggage. The 2nd floor, on the other hand, had a comfortable king size bed with large windows overlooking the Andaman sea.
The bungalow had a very authentic feel to it, all fabrics used were colorful and you could feel they were all carefully picked and assembled.
The rustic design, which boasted hardwood floors along with natural materials drew heavily on traditional Thai architecture.

castaway resort koh lipe seaview bungalow bedroom hammock celine elsa

Our bungalow; downstairs you have a huge deck with 2 hammocks overlooking the sea. Upstairs is the bedroom with a lounge bed

palm leaves castaway resort koh lipe thailand

Palmtrees & sunsets

sweet 'guard' dogs castaway resort koh lipe thailand, celine elsa

Our sweet companion dogs Lily & her boyfriend. They came to wake us up every morning. How cute are they!

Koh lipe sea view from bungalow Castaway Resort, Celine Elsa

View from our Bungalow at Castaway Resort


Castaway Resort, located on Sunrise beach, on the southern tip of the island is also the meeting point of many tourists.
By that I mean tourists, that stay in other resorts but come to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the delicious food offered at Castaway.
There is an eleavated area with a bar, library and restaurant that has a splendid view over the sea. This area is by far one of the most comfortable and serene spots, to enjoy some nice food while sipping on refreshing shakes.
Whether you want traditional Thai food, fish or simple burgers and fries, they’ve got it all. One thing I really enjoyed though was the Thai breakfast they had. Once I tried it, that’s really all I wanted for breakfast.
We found both the food and service to be top notch. Having our bill on a tab for 5 days made it incredibly easy to order without having to grab our wallets all the time.

breakfast, dinner and friends at castaway resort koh lipe thailand

Breakfast with a view & a fishy dinner

LIBRARY castaway resort koh lipe thailand, celine elsa

Library corner located next to the restaurant & bar


Another thing I have to admit, is that neither Emir nor I are early risers. We’re trying to change that, but honestly it looks like it’ll take us some time to get there.
Our friend Selin, who also is the Yoga instructor at Castaway was the person that “thankfully” forced us to wake up every morning around 5AM. She wanted us to witness the sunrise while doing a 20 minutes session of meditation.
She was very convincing, and really, there probably wasn’t a better way to start the day.
So, while in Koh Lipe, we woke up every morning before sunrise, took our seats in the little veranda on the beach and followed Selin’s guided meditation.
Although, I had a slightly difficult time adjusting my focus the first time, I enjoyed it very much and was very much looking forward to our morning sessions.

lily dog biggest fan castaway resort koh lipe

Here’s our alarm clock Lily again! She loved to wait for us to get ready 🙂

morning meditation session castaway resort koh lipe thailand

View from our bungalow at 5:30 AM. The colors of the sky are intense and change every day

sunrise castaway resort koh lipe

Can you see how big that sun is? This was one of my favorite sunsets during our stay!

longtail boats beautiful sunrise koh lipe thailand

The same, orange-red, intense sunrise. Meditating on the beach is the best thing in the world!

emir selin sunrise meditation castaway resort koh lipe

Emir and Selin during Sunrise meditation

three suns sunrise castaway resort koh lipe

Can you spot the ‘three’ suns? It’s like the water is on fire!

morning meditation castaway resort koh lipe thailand

Emir, Suzan and Selin on the meditation deck of Castaway Resort


Following the morning mediation, every morning at 7AM, we stood ready for Selin’s yoga sessions at Castaway Resort.
Selin’s yoga sessions were always so nice and relaxing! We mostly focused on stretching and adapting our bodies and minds to the various positions.
The yoga platform was large enough to cater to 15 people (although it was never that busy). Being so close to the beach, I could always hear the waves while going through the various poses.
The morning breeze also made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

yoga poses yoga deck castaway resort koh lipe thailand

Morning yoga poses. Left top & right down is our good friend & yoga teacher of Castaway Resort: Selin

yoga deck castaway resort koh lipe thailand

Yoga deck of Castaway Resort


Emir and I really felt that we were staying on the best beach of the island. Pattaya beach, on the west side of the island, is more of a ‘party strip’ and a lot more touristy.

Sunrise beach has amazing lounge bars to chill during the day, such as Happy Vibe beach bar. We went here every day and the owners are a lovely Dutch lady (yay Dutchies!) and her Thai husband. Happy Vibe is just a feel good place and everything is carefully handpicked and they built everything themselves(!). Very cute and a great place for taking (instaworthy) pictures :).

happy vibe beach bar koh lipe

Happy Vibe beach bar sure gives me happy vibes!

koh lipe sunrise beach thailand

Just swinging it with Selin & Emir

thai kids sunrise beach koh lipe drone

Emir & Thai kids playing with our DJI Mavic Drone. Emir almost crashed the drone and the kids found it hilarious!

longtail boats koh lipe thailand

Longtail boats on Sunrise beach, my favorite beach of the island

Sea la Vie beach bar is another bar located on sunrise beach. Although the setting is also great to chill during the day, we preferred coming here at night and sipping our drinks while enjoying the high tide. It looks so dreamy and magical and night and the music is absolutely amazing! Advantage: Sea la Vie bar is located directly next to Castaway Resort so you don’t have to walk far ;).

sea la vie beach bar koh lipe thailand

Sea La Vie beach bar on Sunrise beach

sea la vie bar sunrise beach koh lipe thailand

Sea La Vie beach bar at night time. The music the play is so good!



Although a little passive, my favorite activity is getting massages 😀 I could seriosuly go for hour on end getting massages.
The massage at Castaway, just as the Yoga platform, is located right next to the sea, meaning, you can doze off while feeling the summer breeze and listening to the sound of the waves.

massage castaway resort koh lipe

Massages at Castaway Resort Koh Lipe


Although we haven’t tried it, the resort also has a dive shop where they teach or rent you the material for you to scuba dive on your own. We heard Koh Lipe, along with Koh Tao were some of the best islands to dive in Thailand.
On our end, we did a lot of snorkeling and swimming.
The crystal clear turquoise sea is just breathtaking, and the corals add a beautiful touch to it too. The surroundings being so exquisite, quite honestly, beach bumming and staring at the horizon becomes an exciting activity of its own!

snorkeling and diving koh lipe thailand

The water surrounding Koh Lipe is perfect for snorkeling and diving! Left down credit instagram @selinsila


The walking street, located at a 5-minute walking distance was our go-to-place in the evenings. Personally, I couldn’t believe that such a tiny island would have such a vibrant walking street with bars, shop, restaurants and clubs open all night long.

Recommendations: ‘Coconut Donuts’ from the Coconut Donut guy (located on Walking Street close to the Pattaya beach side). For dinner, I highly recommend stopping by at ‘The Box’ which is owned by a cool Spanish guy. The food served at the Box is delicious, you won’t be disappointed!

walking street entrance koh lipe thailand

Entrance to Walking Street (Sunrise beach side)

the box walking street koh lipe

Selin passing ‘The Box’ on Walking Street. It’s a restaurant I highly recommend!

walking street koh lipe thailand

Coconut donuts, Tuna at the box, fresh fruit stall and a lazy dog

cute house walking street koh lipe thailand

I love what they did here! So cute


Koh Lipe looks even better from above! Check out some of my favorite drone shots Emir took during our stay in Koh Lipe.

aerial drone shot koh lipe thailand 2

Longtail boats Sunrise beach, taken with DJI Mavic Pro

koh lipe island drone shot

Little island in front of Sunrise beach. You can swim or kayak there!

koh lipe drone shot sunrise beach

This is my deninition of paradise!

aerial drone shot koh lipe thailand

Close up shot of a Thai longtail boat


After having spent 6 magical days on the island, I can easily say that Koh Lipe has been our favorite island in Thailand.
Castaway Resort, on the other hand, is what made our experience so remarkable and unique.
We absolutely loved the laid-back atmosphere of the resort along with the clean and comfortable bungalows.
Now, we feel like we have another home we can always come back to when we’re on the island.
We also shot a few vlogs while we were there! Check this one out, and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to Castaway Resort Koh Lipe for hosting our stay – as always, all opinions are my own.

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